Vår nye filmproduksjon..

Don't be stupid; be a smarty
come on and join the nazi party!

"Adolf Hitler er min Gud nazismen er min religion.."


Slapp av, dette er ikke noe jeg mener. Jeg avskyr Hitler og alt han har gjort. Men meg og min kjære kusine er nå i gang med forberedelsene til vår nye film produksjon, "The nazi party"

Postet av: Mister Regalis

hehe, nice! Blir sikket en bra produksjon! Men husk og statere på slutten av filmen at Adolf Hitler var en sinsforvirret psykopat..

04.06.2005 @ 14:30
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Postet av: kåre

sikker på at du ikke var hitler i ditt forrige liv??

21.06.2005 @ 01:45
Postet av: CamCat

Wellhi there peopleyou know meI used to run a little joint called Germany.I was number onethe people's choiceAnd everybody listened to my mighty voice. My name is AdolfI'm on the mike.I'm gonna hip you to the story of the New Third Reich.It all began down in Munich town and pretty soonThe word started gettin' around.So I said to Martin BoormanI saidHey Marty, why don't we throw a little nazi party?We had an electionwellkinda sortaAnd before you knew it hellonew order.To all those mothers in the fatherland I saidAchtung, Baby, I got me a plan.'YVhatcha got Adolf? Whatcha gonna do?"I said "how about this oneWorld War Two?"To be or not to beoh babycan't you seeWe're gonna take it to the top. You're making historyAnd it feels so good to meooh darlin'please don't ever stop.Don't be stupid; be a smartycome on and join the nazi party - party.Like humpty dumpty offa that wallAll the little countries they began to fallHollandBelgiumDenmarkPoland-The troops were rockin' and the tanks were rollin'We were swingin' along with a song in our hearts.And "Deutschland über alles" was making the chartsWe had a new step called a goosestep we were dancing to.Wellit's sorta kinda like a German boogalooI was gettin' what I wantedbut it wasn't enough.So I called the boysI said boysget thoughNow I surrounded myself with some unusual cats.There was skinny little Göbbels and Göring mister fatsAnd let's not forget ole Himmler and Hess.You'd better believe we made a hell of a messSay Heil - Heil - siegety Heilwe gonna whip it on the people teutonic styleTo be or not to beoh babycan't you seeWe're gonna make it to the top. You are our destinyThis thing was meant to bewhy don't we do it till we drop?Say you boots ain't black and shirt ainY brown?Wellget back Jackyou can't get down. Do itAdolfdo it.I drank wine from the Rhine with the finest ladiesAnd we did it in the back of my black Mercedes.I was on a rollI couldn't losethen came D-daythe birth of the blues.The Yanks and the Brits started raising cainThose guys were the pitsI was goin' insane.People all around me started swallowing pillsLet's face itfolkswe was going downhill.Berlin was crumblingwe was under the gunTime to look out for number one.So I grabbed a blonde and a case of beerSay the Russians are commin'lets get out of here.To be or not to beoh honeycan't you seeWe had to take it to the top. You sure made historyAnd it felt so good to meoh schatzePlease don't ever stop.Auf wiedersehngood to've seen yaI got a one way ticket to Argentina. To be or not to beoh babycan't you seeWe've got to take it to the top. You're makin' historyAnd it feels so good to meWhy don't we do it till we drop?We have ways of making you dance . . .- Sprechen Sie Argentinian ?

18.08.2005 @ 12:11

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